Weekly Penguin
Penguin Development Team

Jouni Lahtinen


The Head Penguin, necrophilissimo


Design, programming, art, audio – in other words "everything unless mentioned otherwise"

V/O role

Pablo, Nemesis


All-time faves

DOOM (all of 'em), Duke Nukem 3D, Tetris, Metal Gear, Darksiders

Recent faves

DOOM Eternal (put it in my veins!)


PlayStation 4, PC, Switch (when needing the DOOM fix on the go)


Collects DOOM things, soundtracks and penguins. Also upgrades his gaming gear every time id Software releases a game.

Petja Heiskanen


ArtPetja, Funky Penguin


Music, design, audio and excessive testing

V/O role

Pedro, Dr. Glowenko


All-time faves

Mass Effect(s), Company of Heroes, Final Fantasy VII and X

Recent faves

XCOM and XCOM 2, The Walking Dead, UbiArt Rayman games, Mass Effect 2


PC, PlayStation 4


Plays drums, sings in a choir, paints and draws with pencils.

Timo Liimatta




Testing, general support

V/O role

General Primo


All-time faves

Super Mario Bros., DOOM, Monkey Island series, Sam & Max franchise, World of Warcraft

Recent faves

The Witcher, Dragon Age(s), Batman: Arkham Asylum


PC, PlayStation 4


Collects and loves dice (has over 700 of them), hates socks and loves technical gadgets.

Helping hands

TAGAP 4 cast

Neil Gardner as the Narrator and POTUS

Gianni Matragrano as the GSEC Officer

Veeti Heiskanen as the Hazmat Penguin

TAGAP 4 closing song "4 the Penguins"

Funk the Magic Monk

TAGAP 3 cast

Neil Gardner as the Narrator

Tiina Heiskanen as Paola

Mikko Vuolle as the Funky Prophet

Tuomas Raivio as the Funky Doctor

Heini Liimatta as the Funky Botanist

Toni Vehmassalo as the Funky DJ

Eetu Pykäläinen as the Funky Warlord

TAGAP 2 narration

Adam 'izraqthedark' Samadifard

Neil Gardner's voicovers

Ladbroke Audio

Additional diegetic and promo art

Poison Sleeper



Jacob Lloyd of SplashFire Studios

Heini 'Silveriatha' Liimatta

Database proofreading

Teemu Pesonen

Pre-TAGAP3 site hosting

Jussi Koskenkorva

Old forums and support

Alex Nordlund

For Mom

TAGAP 4 is dedicated to the memory of Jouni's Mom.

Thank you for everything.

She loved raccoons as much as I love penguins.


TAGAP 3 is dedicated to the memory of the amazing Grape-kun, Humboldt penguin from Tobu Zoo. Grape-kun became a beloved internet star in 2017 for falling in love with a cut-out of Hululu, a penguin-girl character from Kemono Friends multimedia franchise. Sadly, as reported by Tobu Zoo on October 13th 2017, Grape-kun passed away.

To us, Grape-kun was a perfect embodiment of why we love penguins; every time you think they couldn't become more relatable, one falls in love with a cute anime character like a proper otaku.

We miss you, Grape-kun.


TAGAP 2 is dedicated to Nöpö. He was Petja's grumpy old cat who had decided that Jouni was the best sofa around. We miss you, you grey purring furball.


The original TAGAP is dedicated to Snowdrop (2002-2004), the albino African Penguin resident of Bristol Zoo Gardens. We miss you.

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The complete list of credits, including FreeSound.org acknowledgements, can be viewed by selecting "Help/Credits" from the in-game menus.