Weekly Penguin

General questions

What are the system requirements?

All TAGAP are designed to run on a relatively low end system. You should be good if you have at least the following:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 or later
  • 64bit 1.6 GHz processor
  • 4 Gb RAM
  • OpenGL® compatible video card
  • Windows® compatible sound card
  • Keyboard and mouse

TAGAP games also support XInput game controllers (Xbox Controllers and compatibles). For TAGAP 2, having a controller is a requirement for co-op.

In terms of hard drive space, all TAGAP games are less than a Gigabyte each.

Can I copy TAGAP games to a friend?


As long as you don't charge money and/or services for it and you keep the distributable files as-is, you can share the game via a medium of your choice – floppies, USB sticks, eMail, torrents, TransMat... whatever.

If you are planning to host TAGAP games on the Interwebs, please gives us a shout so we can add you to our download mirrors list. Also, if you are planning to add it to a cover disc of a magazine, again, let us know show we can give you a shout-out.

Can I do a review, Let's Play, article or a YouTube gameplay reel based on your games?


By all means, Let's-Play TAGAP all you like!

We will never go after you with a DMCA complaint. On the contrary, if you put together something cool, drop us a line and we'll share it on our site as well! Also, journalists, pundits and pro-streamers get paid for writing/casting stuff and if the subject matter is TAGAP, that's fine. More than fine; it's a pay check for you and free advertisement for us!

Also, if you do receive a copyright DMCA complaint on a Penguin DT game Let's-Play, it's complete bullshit. Please report it to both us and the platform holder.

In other words, all the fair use stuff is endorsed. Now, let me see those fun play-throughs!

Do you sell these games?


TAGAP games are 100% non-monetized.

If you see this game on sale – for real or virtual moneys or services – it is done without permission. In other words, it's 100% immoral and illegal.

Please report any such cases to the platform holder and us (Penguin DT).

Only exception to this are a relic of the past called 'cover discs' – demo DVDs/CD-ROMs/USBs shipped with magazines – either at retail or as subscriber specials.

You are not "100% non-monetized" if some of your videos have ads running!


We do not see any revenue from these ads. Our videos are completely non-monetized on our end, but YouTube's new predatory rules allow them to place ads on any video they wish, even if they are not part of their partner program. And the only beneficiary of those ads is Google, not us. In other words, blame Susan Wojcicki.

This is why we have started to migrate our embedded website content to Vimeo. In the meantime, I wholly recommend you to switch to Firefox and install uBlock Origin to show Susan the finger.

Note that in Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc.) adblockers are soon to be non-functional, since Google (the operator of Chromium) wants more ads. They say it is for security, but that is BS – especially as ads and the related tracking are the biggest security loop-holes in modern browsers.

Do you hate penguins or why all the violence?


On a contrary, we adore them. But testing military stimulants with animals is sick stuff and TAGAP presents a worst-case-scenario of sorts. Besides, if someone actually tries penguin world domination, we're all for it.