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TAGAP 3: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins 3

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2006IAU ridicules Pluto by revoking its planetary status
2015NASA's New Horizons probe tries to spy on Pluto
20XXPlanet Pluto responds

And that response is a declaration of war. The only thing standing in between the approaching space penguin army and the unsuspecting Earth is one cyber-penguin, Pablo. Of course, thanks to their Prophet, the Pluto Conclave knows this – and Pablo is thrown into a prison cell before he has any idea of what's going on.

Now, stranded in a prison cell on an alien world, Pablo has to escape, save the world and somehow get back home.

Oh, and in TAGAP 3 You are Pablo. Good luck!

Key features

  • Explore an alien world
    Pluto is a detailed world of alien penguins, deadly robots and bonkers plot developments.

  • Colourful rogues gallery
    Pluto's rulers and their minions will stop at nothing to take out Pablo and everyone who dares to ally with him!

  • Out-of-this-world arsenal
    Pablo has to assemble and master the use of a brand new arsenal of weapons; weaponise everything from MIRVs and auto-aiming bullets to metal scrap and theremin sound waves!

  • TAGAP goes HD!
    TAGAP goes full HD with super-fast 3D accelerated 2D goodness, combined with high-quality audio and a massive, two-hour soundtrack of space funk!

  • Expanded mod support
    Almost all objects that were hard-coded in the previous games are now modifiable via scripting.