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TAGAP 4: Original Game Soundtrack by Petja Heiskanen

TAGAP 4 being all about seeing the origins of the series from completely new perspective, the double-album soundtrack goes back to the roots – but with a whole new sound!

Track list


  1. Theme 4 TAGAP
  2. It Begins with Primo
  3. 8 to 4
  4. Walk in the Park with Penguins
  5. Nemesis
  6. Back 4 Funk
  7. Flippers Are Great for Drumming
  8. Penguinafour
  9. Hammond Foundry
  10. Backup Plan
  11. Belly Slide
  12. Four Minutes to Revenge
  13. System is Black and White (Like Penguins)
  14. Nemesis × Pablo
  15. Too Heavy 4 You
  16. Placebo 4 the Pain
  17. Pills 4 the Pain
  18. The Beginning and the End
  19. Funk the Magic Monk: 4 the Penguins
  20. Level Clear


  1. Hard Jammin'
  2. Jemma
  3. Challenge Him
  4. Track 2-A
  5. Intermission
  6. Rock 'Em All
  7. Burden
  8. Battle (Working Title)
  9. Doomed
  10. Särkylääke
  11. The King of Holfand
  12. A Turn in Can
  13. Finally Free


  1. The Flight of the Penguins
  2. TAGAP 4 Teaser 2019
  3. Tasomusiikki (Demo)

running time: 1 hour and 58 minutes


Petja has knocked it out of the park, so to say, with the TAGAP 4 soundtrack. Even though the game itself is darker in tone than the previous titles, borrowing from games like DOOM 2016 and Brutal DOOM, Petja's decision to go with more heroic, even positive motifs took me off guard. But in a positive way. Contrast has always been a core tenet of TAGAP as a concept – the contrast of the violence and the cute penguins, of a serious backstory and the silly video game shenanigans. And this more positive vibe worked brilliantly as the contrast to the more intense action and gore.

I have to thank Petja again here publicly for not only producing the main soundtrack, but also for re-creating the original TAGAP album. Much like TAGAP+ itself, its soundtrack is the past with the instrumentation and mixing of TAGAP 4. A couple of tracks he had to re-do from scratch, having lost some of the source files in a hard-drive failure over a decade ago.

So, a HUGE thank you to the Funky Penguin Petja! And a special thank you also to Funk the Magic Monk for the brilliant end track! You can enjoy the double-album either as download or as a video stream (with visualisers).

Jouni Lahtinen, the head penguin, 2022

Soundtrack CD cover

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Soundtrack wallpapers

In the in-game jukebox of TAGAP 4, each track has its own 'CD single cover'. All of these covers are now available as a wallpaper pack – 21 illustrations in 4k to decorate your desktops!