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Weekly Penguin 857

You likely know how huge a fan I am of an internet comic strip Penned Guin by Alan Henderson. This fantastic little strip has been going on for over 10 years, never failing to make me smile. What can I say, I love dry dad humour, puns and penguins!

Sadly, the series came to a close yesterday. Maestro Henderson announced this in the beginning of the year, with the current Kickstarter being the last of the collections. Even knowing it was coming, it still made me misty eyed. I haven't exactly had the easiest of time these past few years and I cannot overstate the importance of all the smiles this silly little comic has provided.

But let's not be sad, that is not the Penned Guin way. Instead, a big celebration to Penned Guin and all brightening it has brought to our days! Here is my tribute to Mr. Henderson's great mascot character.

Thank you Penned Guin and Mr. Henderson!

PS: Remember to back the last collection on Kickstarter, let's help these cheeky birbs go out with a bang!

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Added: 2024-01-23