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What are the system requirements?


  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later
  • 1.6 GHz processor
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • Aprox. 700 Mb free hard disk space
  • OpenGL® compatible video card
  • Windows® compatible sound card
  • Keyboard and mouse


  • Microsoft® Windows® XP or later
  • 1000+ MHz processor
  • 256+ Mb RAM
  • Aprox. 350 Mb free hard disk space
  • OpenGL® compatible video card [1]
  • Windows® compatible sound card
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • XInput gamepad for TAGAP 2 Co-op [2]
For the first TAGAP, Intel® Graphics requires at least TAGAP v2.0 to work

i.e. Xbox 360™ Controller or Logitech® ChillStream™

TAGAP 3 runs SUPER slow (~10 FPS) on Intel Graphics!

Ah yes, Pablo's true nemesis, the integrated Intel Graphics chip sets. There are two ways to fix this issue:

  • Recommended solution: Install the latest update (v1.4 or newer).

  • If you are playing TAGAP 3 v1.3 or earlier and are for some reason unable to update the game, use the Stream Safe Mode shortcut created by the installer.

I can't run the installer, it says it's unable to write "TAGAP.exe" / "TAGAP2.exe"!

If you are trying to install the game on 64 bit Windows, run the installer in compatibility mode (i.e. in Vista x64, right-click on the installer, choose tab "Compatibility" and choose "Windows XP"). The installer should now run without issues.

This rare event occurs with a specific combination of operating system versions and anti-virus software. Some anti-virus programs are over-aggressive, attacking at any unsigned software trying to write something to the hard-drive and/or registry, especially when the said software is x86 and the OS x64.

Also, please ensure you are trying to install the latest versions of TAGAP and/or TAGAP 2.

There are only white boxes where characters should be!

This is simply fixed by updating your TAGAP 2 to v1.6 or later and updating your original TAGAP to v2.0 or later. Latest versions should automatically detect whether to utilize the anti-whitebox-fix or not. If, however, you STILL see the white boxes after the update, use the manual override command line '+whitebox 1' (i.e. "TAGAP2.exe +whitebox 1").

If the issue persists even with the override, it's most likely a matter of faulty or out-of-date video drivers (see the next FAQ entry for detailed help).

This problem was mainly caused by integrated video cards, especially Intel Graphics. These video cards usually don't support all the extensions of OpenGL – the API TAGAP uses for graphics – causing some graphic elements to appear as white boxes due to the hardware's inability to load non-power-of-two textures.

Can't run the game; There's an error about XINPUT1_3.DLL!

This bug appeared in first TAGAP version 1.5 and has since been dealt with; Please upgrade TAGAP to the latest version available.

Available fixes for this issue are:

  • Recommended: Upgrade TAGAP to the latest version available.
  • Run DirectX web update. According to community that should fix the problem.
  • Install the DirectX using either the web-installer or DirectX 10 offline installer.
  • Download and use TAGAP Backwards Compatibility patch. Though it's unsupported, it's has been thoroughly tested to run smoothly on Vista / XP and doesn't have any XInput implemented.

There is an unexpected crash with the first TAGAP on my 64 bit Windows

Download and install the latest update. This was an issue with the original TAGAP until up to v1.8, v2.0 and later will work flawlessly on 64 bit systems.

I want to play TAGAP 2 Co-op but my controller isn't XInput compatible!

There is an unofficial emulator program aptly called XBox 360 Controller Emulator, or X360CE for short. This software can turn calls from DirectInput compatible controller into XInput calls and thus makes them work, not only with TAGAP, but also with all modern Games for Windows titles.

You can download the software at the project's site on Google Code. NOTE; Xbox 360 Controller Emulator wasn't developed by us and as such we can't provide any technical support regarding it.

What is XInput anyway? I've never heard of it

XInput is the modern Microsoft standard for game pads, one which, unlike DirectInput in the past, is ensured to work the same way no matter what the hardware is, as long as it is XInput compatible. Not only that, but XInput is a cross-platform interface, meaning devices up to XInput standards are compatible with Xbox 360 as well.

There is an inevitable crash on my Windows 98/ME/NT/2000!

All the newer versions of TAGAP are optimized for Windows XP / Vista / 7 and the earlier operating systems are no longer supported. Sorry.

I can't load my progress when I use different Windows account!

The progress is stored according to Windows log-in name allowing all users to have their own game progress. However, if you have changed your log-in name or are using a different account, you have two choices; Either hijack the desired account to be permanently associated with current log-in name with +user_hijack (i.e. "TAGAP.exe +user_hijack John_Doe"), or you can use +user_name to access that account without deleting the progress of the current user.

Game runs too slow!

There are many things you can do. First consider switching into 16 bit fullscreen mode; Most of the older video cards – especially integrated laptop models – are a lot slower rendering in 32 bit color. You might also want to try turning off Water warping; It looks good, but may run rather slow on certain video cards. And finally running game in actual 800x600 mode is slightly faster than scretching the screen.

I installed new hardware and/or drivers and now TAGAP 2 runs super-poorly!

Check whether or now you are using the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator. If so, remove the X360CE and re-configure it. X360CE transforms calls from XInput to DirectInput and change of hardware and/or drivers can apparently mess its virtual wiring.

If you are not using X360CE, make sure the drivers you installed are right ones. Installing a driver designed for another OS version or for different iteration of the hardware can result in serious performance issues.

My display doesn't support 800x600 resolution!

Though TAGAP engine renders everything using 800x600 resolution, it doesn't mean you can't switch the display resolution. Just remember that since it's 2D graphics, using higher resolutions won't give you extra detail, but scretches the view to fit your screen. You can also run the game in a window, if you wish.

Some graphical elements, like fonts, appear screwed!

It's fault of incompatible video card drivers. If you are using standard desktop PC, go to the GPU manufacturer website for new, up-to-date drivers. If you are using a laptop that's more complicated, as GPU manufacturers' support for laptop video cards is nonexistent. Luckily user communities of both ATI and nVidia based laptops keep working on modified drivers with improved compatibility. ATI issues can be fixed with DH Mobility Mod Tool, while home of alternate nVidia drivers is LaptopVideo2Go. Note, though, that most of these drivers are not digitally signed and may stop Windows Vista from showing copy-controlled DVDs.

Sound playback is fluttery!

Try switching the used audio driver. TAGAP supports both Windows Media Driver and DirectX DirectSound outputs. Generally DirectX driver is better and more compliant, but in some cases – again especially with integrated hardware – Windows Media sound may work better. If both of them result a faulty playback it's more likely your sound card drivers being out of date.

The window doesn't expand on start-up!

We've encountered this problem when using ATI cards with HydraVision™ active. Turn it off and everything should work fine.

I played around with settings and the game won't start anymore!

Start the game with command line +safemode 1 (i.e. "TAGAP.exe +safemode 1"). That reverts all settings to the game defaults.

Where can I download TAGAP?

TAGAP games are freeware (no purchase, microtransactions, subscriptions or ads)

Download TAGAP 3 Download TAGAP 2 Download TAGAP

We also have some great extras to go along with the games;

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