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While TAGAP games are designed specifically to run in Microsoft Windows environment, it is possible to run the games on Apple Macs as well via the magic of Wineskin! Though this example is written for TAGAP 2, it should work with TAGAP and TAGAP 3 as well.

Note that since Wine is available for Linux too, it might be possible to get TAGAP games working under Tux's command as well. Unfortunately we haven't had the change to test this yet. If you have any suggestions or additions to this article, on either Mac or Linux side, please let us know.

Here is an easy 10-step guide on how to kick-start Penguin Apocalypse on Mac, courtesy of Timo Liimatta;


Download Wineskin Winery

Wineskin Winery is available at http://wineskin.doh123.com under Downloads.


Run Wineskin Winery

If you want to, you can install it to Applications if you wish to use it later to install more Windows programs.

Wineskin Winery 1

Download and install a Wine Engine

IMPORTANT: Pick version WS7Wine1.3.14; The newer ones have trouble with the mouse and sounds.


Update to the newest Wrapper version

Note that you don't download Wrappers from the Internet, but create them via the Wineskin interface (see the screenshot above).


Create new blank wrapper

  1. Click on the 'Create New Blank Wrapper' in Wineskin Winery.
  2. Name your wrapper 'TAGAP 2' (or something else if you want to)
  3. WineskinX11 needs to access the Internet; Allow possible firewall prompts
  4. Install Wine Gecko package when prompted

View the new Wrapper in Finder and double-click your TAGAP 2-wrapper

Also make note of the wrapper's location as this will be your TAGAP 2 application after the whole installation process is ready.


Installing TAGAP 2

Choose 'Install Windows Software', select your 'TAGAP 2 Setup.exe' file and follow TAGAP 2 installer instructions. Installation location doesn't matter; You can install the game to 'C:\Games\TAGAP 2' where the installer is trying to install it in the first place. After the installer is complete, quit the installer.

Wineskin Winery 2

Wineskin will ask for a confirmation about the main executable

It should be '/Games/TAGAP 2/TAGAP2.exe'. Click OK and quit Wineskin.

Wineskin Winery 3

Configure TAGAP 2

  1. Find your TAGAP 2 wrapper in Finder
  2. Left-click it and choose 'View Package Contents'
  3. From the package search 'drive_c\Games\TAGAP 2\user\default.cfg' and open it with a text editor
  4. Change the setting on the line "CVAR input_restrict 1" to "CVAR input_restrict 0"
  5. Saving the config file

After saving you can quit the text editor and Finder. Note that if you tried to launch TAGAP 2 before editing the config file, you will need to either delete or edit all the other .cfg files in the 'drive_c\Games\TAGAP 2\user\' directory.


Start TAGAP 2 by clicking your TAGAP 2 wrapper. Enjoy!

This has been tested with MacBook Pro 7.1 (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz) with Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Where can I download TAGAP?

TAGAP games are freeware (no purchase, microtransactions, subscriptions or ads)

Download TAGAP 3 Download TAGAP 2 Download TAGAP

We also have some great extras to go along with the games;

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