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TAGAP wallpapers


Fully loaded and funky double album!


An epic 2h sci-fi album!


The funky 1h 45min sequel!


70 minutes of penguin jams!

TAGAP 4 soundtrack wallpapers

In the in-game jukebox of TAGAP 4, each track has its own 'CD single cover'. All of these covers are now available as a wallpaper pack – 21 illustrations in 4k to decorate your desktops!

TAGAP 2 icons

Icon packs for everyone to use in forums, blogs, Twitter, Steam or where ever! Each pack contains three color variants, all of them in various sizes ranging from 40×40 up to 200×200.

Download Pablo icon pack

Download Pedro icon pack

Download General Primo icon pack

Download zombie penguin icon pack

Download Rockhopper elite icon pack

Download Penguinator icon pack

Download Dr. Glowenko icon pack

Download TAGAP 2 logo icon pack