Weekly Penguin
May 14th, 2024

The Defender of Scotland

The Defender of Scotland

This month we've doing a celebration of Penned Guin over at the Weekly Penguin feature – and this week it is one very much on the topic of TAGAP. How I haven't posted this one before eludes me, so let's fix it!

In case you missed it in TAGAP 4, one of the paintings in Dr. Glowenko's mansion covering his world conquest depicts Scotland. Except it isn't of conquest, as Scotland is protected by the mighty Major General Sir Nils Olav III. Not even Nemesis could beat this true hero among penguins!

And this painting is an a real painting that was done by none other than Alan Henderson of Penned Guin fame!

January 23rd, 2024

Tribute to the Penned Guin

The Penned Guin Tribute

This week's Weekly Penguin is a special case, a tribute to the absolutely delightful Penned Guin comic strips by Alan Henderson. The comic strip came to close yesterday and it impacted me more than I anticipated – but instead of lamenting, I wanted to create a little tribute to it.

In case you've missed it out, not only is the comic great, I've also commissioned several customs works by the Maestro Henderson over the years – including a painting found in the Glowenko Mansion in TAGAP 4.

Please, consider checking out this tribute, the Penned Guin comic strip and the last Kickstarter for the collected versions.

January 7th, 2024

Penguin DT's Games of the Year 2023

GOTY 2023

I keep saying it, but my mantra is and always will be 'you can't make a good game if you don't play games'. And as those games influence how we do things, highlighting all the games we've loved is a must.

Without further ado, here is our showcase of the best games of 2023!