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TAGAP retruns on November 14th!

In August 2006 International Astronomical Union defined what a planet is, effectively stripping Pluto from its planetary rank. Little did IAU board realize that doing so would lead to the end of the world as we know it. Pluto is inhabited, you see, by cosmic green penguins, who aren't happy about the lack of galactic respect. No, led by the grand Funky Warlord, they declare a war on planet Earth – and only one fluffy bird stands in their way. And that is Pablo, the cybernetic battle-penguin!

Abducted from Antarctica and locked in a cell deep inside the weaponized Pluto itself, Pablo must escape, find out what is going on, make new friends and maim hell-of-a-lot of new enemies. What follows is a brand new TAGAP adventure; More Pablo knows and better equipped he is, more of the mystery and the Pluto he can uncover.

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