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Weekly Penguin 594

One of the last penguins we featured last year was a plush toy from Brio. In the description of that one I mentioned that Brio doing a plush toy was uncharacteristic of them, as they are best known for their wooden toys for small children. Well, after doing further research for this week's entry, I'm going to look like a dumb-dumb.

See, that penguin was called Peppo and as it turns out, it was a part of a package also featuring this week's entry. And I happened to have the complete set, without even realising it.

So yes, these are wooden penguin shaped toy train cars, aimed for very young children. Brio has many kinds of wooden train cars to choose from, from the normal train cars to animals of all kinds. The cars attach to each other via magnets and are all compatible with each other, so children can mix-and-match to their hearts' content.

And in case you were wondering; in the first Weekly Penguin of 2019 I mentioned that we would be featuring some other critters together with the penguins. However, we have quite a lot of penguins already photographed cueing to be featured, so that'll start later this year.

Added: 2019-01-08