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Weekly Penguin 591

It's December and since penguins and Christmas go flipper in hand, time to feature some festive penguins! This chocoholic chick is from Lidl-exclusive chocolate brand Favorina – and comes in a gift set package with the plush toy and plenty of Christmas chocolates.

In package

This cheeky penguin would've been well worth the set all by itself, but the chocolates that come with the set are really darn good, too. Typically when you see a toy set like this – be it a calendar or a gift bag – either the plush toy is not of great quality or the chocolate tastes like cardboard. Not so with this Favorina set, from the penguin to the chocolates, it's all good stuff.

There is still a chance that your local Lidl holds these on sale, by the way. My local Lidl still has other gift sets from this series, but the penguins are sold out. No, it wasn't just me, I only got one. I swear.

Also available as Wallpaper!

Added: 2018-12-04