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Continuing on the theme of new penguins from Kickstarter, let's take a look at a penguin card game Penguin Brawl: Heroes of Pentarctica by Team Custard Kraken. Designed by Anthony Harris and illustrated by Charlie Campbell, Penguin Brawl is a deceptively simple at the first glance – each player has set number of 'life points' and you can use penguin cards to attack other players or to use to defend against incoming attacks.

However, things become interesting when you start to combine penguin cards with the wild and wacky gear. The gear can completely change the stats of a penguin – and if you use them on a penguin the gear is specifically designed for, that stats boost is amplified. And if a penguin you use to defend falls in battle, you can sacrifice those weapons and armour to keep the penguin in play.

Penguin Brawl penguin cards

Everything from the penguins to their gear is delightfully tongue-in cheek and pun-tastic. Seriously, this is the one penguin product that has a chance to compete with The Penned Guin when it comes to penguin puns – from the Mad Flipper and Master Penquichi to Jack the Pecker and Penghis Khan. The main game is meaty as it is, but there are also two expansions: The post-apocalyptic Nuclear Winter and the mythology-themed Battle of the Gods.

In conclusion, Penguin Brawl is fast, simple to get the hang of and has plenty of depth when you start mixing penguins and gear. If you're looking for a not-so-serious game to take to the next geek party, this fits the bill perfectly. In case you are wondering how the game feels, you can give it a spin by downloading a 72 card DIY demo version from the official website.

Ofcourse, this isn't the last you've seen of Penguin Brawl here on Weekly Penguin arena. This being a Kickstarter, the project featured several backer extras I intend to feature separately – so stay tuned for those!

Oh, by the way, the fact that Penguin Brawl was Kickstarted is not the only connection to the amazing Cthulhu Project statue we featured last week. Because, you know, Penguin Brawl has this:


Added: 2018-11-06