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About darn time we featured this legendary waddling pop-culture phenomenon!

Meet Chilly Willy, an anthropomorphic penguin and a brainchild of Paul Smith, created for Walter Lantz all the way back in 1953. Though Woody Woodpecker is the more known Lantz character, obviously Chilly Willy was my go-to cartoon bird.

Chilly Willy has had a massive influence on the genre of cartoon penguins. For example, Willy's facial pattern is one that never occurs in nature, but is very common in cartoons and toys. That's the power of being so prolific that you've punched yourself to the public consciousness!

This particular Chilly Willy plush is a vintage one, from California Stuffed Toys and the year 1982. Super-special thanks to Steven from the U.K. for sending this collector's gem my way – it now occupies a special shelf, together with our Funky Penguin!

Also available as Wallpaper!

Added: 2018-10-23