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Weekly Penguin 565

Here's something different before we carry on with the penguin wallpapers. And this one ties not only to the last week's entry, but also one from seven years ago.

This is a specimen of McVitie's Penguin chocolate biscuit. Though McVitie's is a know brand here in Finland, we don't get these UK favourites over here. That said, I've know of these for ages – going back to the 90s.

Okay, here's where things get weird. Remember James Pond II: RoboCod, aka Weekly Penguin #195? In that game, you go about trying to rescue Santa Claus and his helper... penguins. Why does Santa Claus have penguin help in this universe? Because the folks behind the game, Vectordean and Millennium Interactive, struck a marketing deal with McVitie's and the penguins are in fact product placement mascots. I didn't know this side of these penguins until early 2000s and ever since I've been curious to know what the heck the game was promoting. I guess you could call that a marketing success.

Fast-forward to 2018 and the Feltmeupdesigns Kickstarter featured last week. As a special surprise in backer penguin goodie box, Melanie Ann Green had added one McVitie's Penguin biscuit! So finally, after decades, I finally got to taste one – and they are pretty darn great!

Big thank you to Melanie Ann Green again for this surprise that allowed me to finally uncover this decades long mystery.

Added: 2018-06-05