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Wonderful news to Weekly Penguin fans – we just had another photo shoot of penguin collectibles and whilst I keep turning them into wallpapers, here is a timely one that didn't require Photoshopping treatment.

What you are looking at is my latest penguin shirt featuring Hoiho (aka the Yellow-eyed Penguin), the world's rarest penguin species. Native to New Zealand, Hoihos have faced huge habitat loss and other man-made woes (unleashed dogs, vehicles, etc.), resulting them to become very, very endangered.

Luckily people are teaming up to protect the species and this effort is being spearheaded by The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust – and this very shirt was all about supporting that. See, this is from FLOAT Apparel, an online clothing store that sells limited runs of shirt designs in support of selected charities. Big chunk from the sales of this particular shirt design went to The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust and I'm super happy to have been a part of it.

And completely by coincidence, as I sat down to type this entry out, FLOAT newsletter dropped into my inbox advertising their latest campaign – this time in support of Global Penguin Society. Those designs are up for sale for only a week, so go grab 'em while you can – and support penguins while doing it!

Added: 2018-05-21