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The Weekly Penguin entry that was supposed to be featured last week is now here. May I introduce you to Penguins Performance Project, or PPP, with their first album, PPP in the Sky!

Now, in case you can't pin-point why these penguin gals look familiar, there is a reason. See, PPP girls are a mainstay group of penguin Friends from Kemono Friends multimedia franchise. And, of course, the most famous of these gals is the Humboldt Penguin Hululu – or as you folks likely know her best, the love of Grape-kun.


But yes, Hululu is indeed a part of a penguin idol group, also featuring Emperor Penguin Koutei, Gentoo Penguin Gean, Rockhopper Penguin Iwabee and Royal Penguin Princess. Though there have been multiple Kemono Friends soundtrack releases in the past – some of them we might take a closer look at in the future – PPP in the Sky! is the very first full album from the penguin Friends.

What kind of music do the penguin gals bring forth? Judging by the cutesy penguin looks, you'd be forgiven for thinking this is some super-sugary kawai pop, but this is not the case. In fact the whole album has a clear pop-rock vibe to it, bigger emphasis on 'rock'. Though there are a slew of lighter songs, majority of the album is on the more powerful side, making it an energetic, head-bobbing ride.

I would definitely recommend PPP in the Sky! if you are into J-Pop or J-Rock – and I would do so even if it didn't have the penguin theme. The album was released, appropriately enough, on World Penguin Day on April 25th, 2018 by Victor Entertainment. If you act fast, you might still be able to get the first limited print of the album, which is a double CD featuring solo versions of the album songs.


I really hope PPP in the Sky! is a big success and this is just the first in a big catalogue of PPP albums!

Added: 2018-05-15