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Weekly Penguin schedule shuffle time! I originally intended to have another timely penguin release between these two posts, but since Finnish Customs Service had other ideas, it's now 'two weeks of The Penned Guin'! I'm sure Alan Henderson won't object.

Last week we displayed the glorious Penned Who artwork, which was a commission done via Kickstarter. Naturally, we should take a look at what the said Kickstarter was for, right That was of course The Penned Guin Presents: The Big Blue, featuring the next 180 punny penguin strips from Alan Henderson's smile-inducing tumblr web comic.

Finland strip

If you've somehow escaped being exposed to The Penned Guin yet, it stars penguins who ponder on everything from pop-culture to life – and do it via puns and dad-jokes. In other words; you can't help but to smile while reading these!

The Expansion Pack

Additionally, since we penguin fans smashed those stretch goals, The Penned Guin Presents: The Expansion Pack was also made a reality. Where The Big Blue compiles the regular web comic entries, The Expansion Pack brings together past special strips and commissions, including our previous one, the Penned Guin penguin species.

If want to get more Penned Guin into your life, you can get both of the books featured here as a bundle via the official webstore – and naturally you browse the web comic at pennedguins.tumblr.com.

Alan Henderson, we Finnish penguins salute you!

Added: 2018-05-08