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Weekly Penguin 560

Time for another special Weekly Penguin entry. Yes, Alan Henderson's The Penned Guin returns with another Kickstarter backer commission for us Finnish penguin fanboys!

Without further ado, I'm delighted to introduce you to The Penned Who – all the Doctors as penguins of Penned Guin variety!

The successful Kickstarter project this commission was a part of – the next Penned Guin compilation The Big Blue – is now available for purchase at the Penned Guin web store. You can also get it with The Expansion Pack which compiles together earlier commissions, including the previous one made for us.

Huge thanks to Mr. Henderson once more! Seriously, if the maestro keeps this up, I need to dedicate a whole wall to Penned Guin art.

Also available as Wallpaper!

Added: 2018-05-01