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A quick re-re-shuffle of our Weekly Penguin schedule, as one of the recent penguin-themed Kickstarters we've been supporting arrived!

The project in question is the artist Inga Kaupelyte's The Grand Panting of Penguins, an art project raising awareness of the distress of penguin colonies resulting from climate chance and nesting ground loss. The pitch was simple enough – if you pledged towards the campaign, it would add one more penguin to the painting, complete with the backer's name.

Since we're featuring this painting, you'd be right to assume that the project was a success – as it turns out, there are plenty of penguin-loving art fans out there! What you see here is the high-quality art print version of The Grand Painting of Penguins sans the names. In case you were wondering, 'my penguin' is this one.

Jouni's penguin

Thank you Inga for a fun project and another great piece of penguin art to decorate my developer dungeon! And do check out her portfolio at her website at www.ingaga.com.

Added: 2018-04-17