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Weekly Penguin 557

My Weekly Penguin schedule was completely borked recently because unforeseen life stuff, but that doesn't leave us without penguins to feature – oh no! Emergency penguin postcard stack to the rescue!

And this one is different. This is the postcard company Paletti's musical greetings card – it has built-in speakers that, when you open the card, start blasting a song. In this case, it's a cover rendition of I Like to Move It written by Erick Morillo and Mark Quashie – and originally performed by Reel 2 Real. The text on the card roughly translates to "Let's get the party started! Congratulations!"

This, of course, is not the first time I Like To Move It has been linked to penguins – it is featured prominently in the Madagascar movie franchise as the theme of King Julien. In fact, when it comes to cover renditions of the song, I think it's safe to say that Hans Zimmer's orchestral version used in those scores takes the cake.

Added: 2018-04-10