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Weekly Penguin 554

Hey, I told you you'd see more of great Lulu & Helina penguin designs! As I mentioned earlier, whilst researching the previously featured postcard, I discovered that there were plenty more penguins by the artist Kaisa Huotari. Of course I went on a shopping spree – and the great discoveries included a frameable art-print of the previously seen penguin.

But on the new designs front, one of the main line of designs from Lulu & Helina is the series of cheerful greetings cards featuring stylized animals celebrating. This here penguin and owl duo (CA1221) is part of that. I'm always delighted to discover new penguin artists, so thank you again to Kaisa Huotari for brightening our lives!

And to cap things off, we have started planning another penguin photo shoot filled with figurines and collectibles. Those haven't gone away – more photoshopped plush penguins are on the way as soon as we can find the time to set up a photo session!

Added: 2018-03-20