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Weekly Penguin 553

Well, Alan Henderson had lovely surprise to us Penned Guin fans last weekend – a Kickstarter for the next strip compilation "The Big Blue" – so it's time to shuffle our Weekly Penguin schedule accordingly.

This is The Penned Guin Presents: To Coldly Go..., another smile-inducing compilation consisting of 170+ strips published by Mr. Henderson over at the Penned Guin tumblr. Obviously, this is a follow up the the previous compliation We Waddlers.

Penguins don't fly

And speaking of Kickstarting Penned Guin; The previous Penned Guin we featured was a custom commission strip, available as one of the Kickstarter perks for To Coldly Go... and at the time of me writing this, there is still one commission available in the current The Big Blue Campaign. Wink Wink.

Thank you, Alan Henderson, for keeping on bringing black-and-white smiles to our day!

Added: 2018-03-13