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The great comic book epoch Penguins vs. Possums nears its conclusion next week, as the 8th issue arrives on 12th December. Therefore this is the perfect moment to feature more of those great penguin figurines by Sarah Braly! As the previous one, this, too, was one of the Kickstarter exclusives.

This is one of Emperor Xiao's strike soldiers, complete with an epic steel mohawk embedded to its skull! Like with the previous Penguins vs. Possums figurine, we took some extra care with this photoshoot to achieve a gloomy lighting – one that was later exaggerated with Photoshop.

Again, thanks to Petja for the excellent photography, Sarah Braly for designing the figures, and the PvP team for coming up with this series. Can't wait to see how the series ends!

Also available as Wallpaper!

Added: 2016-06-12