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Time to re-shuffle our Weekly Penguin schedule, as something really special arrived in the mail. You've likely noticed by now that I'm really into penguin adoptions – that is, monetarily supporting penguin-aiding causes via sponsoring them directly.

So, after coming across the penguin adoption program of Maryland Zoo – located in Bristol, Maryland, USA – I was already sold on the idea. However, in addition to the traditional animal adoptions, Maryland Zoo offers a holiday special with a limited edition art print. This print is one of those superior quality ones and not just a mere post card.

And the said painting doesn't feature a penguin. No.

It's painted by a penguin!

I've known of these for a while; Multiple zoos host special meetings and events, where visitors could purchase the paintings after witnessing the penguins paint them live. Don't worry; The penguins are completely okay with the process. They just get their feet messy with various colours of 100% nature-safe paints and waddle about, creating some awesome patterns.

Since we have no penguins here in Finland, I haven't been able to visit any of these live events and prior to this, there hasn't been any way purchase either the original paintings or any reprints. Thus the moment I saw this, I jumped on the opportunity.

You, too, can get this print, but be quick; These are limited to only 100 prints and as of writing this, over half of them are already gone! Just head to Maryland Zoo's adoptions site and look for Penguin Art Adoption Package. And remember, the money goes straight to taking care of the animals.

Huge thanks to Anne Sherwin and the rest of the Maryland Zoo staff for arranging this Finnish penguin-fanboy to acquire his first piece of penguin-painted art! Next objective; Finding an appropriately sized frame worthy of this awesomeness.

Added: 2016-11-29