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Weekly Penguin 483

During the photo session for the last week's Martin le Pingouin photo-shoot, for fun we took another portrait of Martin with his new owner – but with a twist. And that 'twist' is today's entry to the Weekly Penguin arena. This here is yours truly, wearing a full-head penguin mask from Bristol Novelty Ltd.

This mask comes courtesy of Timo – you know him best as voice of Primo – who was shopping for a crocodile mask for a LARP. When he spotted this, he couldn't help himself from getting me one. So, thank you for this one! This mask is perfect for some creepy penguin shots – and/or Penguin Cafe Orchestra cossplay.

I bet poor Martin is thinking; 'What the heck did I get myself into?'

Also available as Wallpaper!

Added: 2016-11-08