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As a surprise to no-one, I'm sure, we re-visit the Batman-less Gotham City in the second season of Gotham, aptly subtitled as 'Rise of the Villains', finally out on BluRay. And as with the first season, Robin Lord Taylor continues triumphantly as Oswald Cobblepot, who now has adopted the infamous moniker of The Penguin.

Cobblepot has an interesting story arc here and I'm not going to spoil it for you folks. Needless to say, rising to the seat of King of Gotham isn't exactly the rosiest of positions, especially with new super-sinister villains creeping out of the woodwork. Nothing goes as expected and it raises huge obstacles for our favourite would-be waddling kingpin. And I'm sure by this point you've already heard of Penguin's father making an appearance, as portrayed by Paul Reubens.

King of Gotham

Since the title is 'Rise of the Villains', the Penguin isn't the only villain on the scene. Many favourites are introduced, from Firefly and Mr. Freeze to Edward Nygma descending into question-mark-shaped madness. And behind the bizarre machinations are two even more sinister figures.

But the biggest surprise of the season comes from Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee). During the first season, Bruce was just a tragically orphaned kid and Alfred his new, sudden guardian trying to get the hang of things. That was as expected and true to the comics. However, Season 2 shows Bruce Wayne starting his transformation to the hero we know, which – together with his relationship with Alfred – is fascinating to follow. All other re-tellings of Batman origins have skipped this crucial part of Bruce Wayne's life and both Mazouz and Pertwee are just right for the parts.

BluRay cover

TLDRL version; Gotham continues strong and I can't recommend it enough!

Added: 2016-09-20