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Time to return to Rocksteady's version of Batman universe one last time with Batman: Arkham Knight, the biggest and most open-ended game of the Arkham trilogy. This time you have majority of Gotham City under the siege of Scarecrow and his new mysterious ally, the titular Arkham Knight. As villains have taken over, plethora of classic Bat-villains are taking an advantage of the chaos – and one of them is naturally Oswald 'The Penguin' Cobblepot.

This game continues straight from where Arkham City ended, so The Penguin hasn't changed much from that entry as a character; He is still seriously mean and sinister mobster, now controlling all of Gotham's arms trade.

In Arkham Knight you have a pretty free-form way to approach your missions; Almost at any time you can just pull up your mission wheel and choose which villain to pursue at the moment. The Penguin's missions revolve around working with Nightwing (aka Dick Grayson) to destroying the weapon caches one by one. Naturally this all leads to a confrontation with Cobblepot himself.

Cobblepot's lair

So how's the rest of the game, then? It's a lot better than it's rep, for sure. It has some really clever ideas in design, art direction and the story. The Big Twist was something I saw coming several missions before the actual revelation, but otherwise it does wrap up this trilogy nicely.

As for the much-derailed Batmobile, it didn't bother me. All issues I had with it came down to the default camera view, which attempts to be 'cinematic'. The moment I switched to an alternate fixed camera, all my issues evaporated. I actually think this transforming Batmobile is cleverly used, especially in some of the puzzles. It feels properly like another gadget in your arsenal and not just means of transport.

On a closing note, I'm glad to see I'm not the only madman who fills their games with seemingly pointless details that are there only for colour and character. Not only that, Arkham Knight makes TAGAP3 look reserved on this arena; Almost every room is filled with nods and winks to Batman lore. Considering this game encompasses majority of Gotham City, that's a lot of Easter Eggs to uncover!

For instance, these gorgeous things are the stone gargoyles on roof of Cobblepot estate. I so want one!

Cobblepot's gargoyle

I actually tried to record a full playthrough of the Penguin missions for you guys, but PS4 Share didn't allow me to save some of the clips. I have no idea why. But hey, I did make you a wallpaper!

Also available as Wallpaper!

Added: 2016-09-06