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Weekly Penguin 471

This past summer, our resident composer Petja and his family made a trip to Italy, where they visited Acquario Di Cattolica, the country's second largest public aquarium. As you might expect, they have penguins there – and naturally their gift shop was filled with penguin souvenirs, some of which landed in my possession as homecoming gifts. Huge thank you to the whole family Heiskanen!

First item to feature from these is this penguin-themed microfiber cloth – or as I like to call these, 'eyeglass-wearing geek's best friend'. Well, not just eyeglass-wearing, since these are perfect for cleaning dust off of monitors and laptop screens, too. I'm not sure if I want to dirty this one up, though.

On the topic of Weekly Penguins; If all goes well, next week we're going to have something quite different here on Weekly Penguin arena. It's so different that featuring it fill take some serious explaining.

Added: 2016-08-16