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One more Toby collectible, this time in form of the collectible Borderlands Character Cards. Yep, these exist. I have no idea if you can actually buy them, but a pack of these does come with the physical copy of the game. There are 25 different cards and each pack comes with two. These are not Topps cards as is often the case, but apparently released by the game's publisher 2k Games.

You know, I almost didn't open my pack; My luck with these things isn't exactly great – like the 79 Kinder eggs I had to buy prove – so I was certain that no way would I get Toby. And if I didn't get Toby, I would be forced to track one down. But I did open the pack and to my utter surprise, from all the 25 options, I got the one and only Toby the Destroyer!

Speaking of Toby collectibles, this is the last one out there. That's just wrong; World needs more Toby! If you happen to be listening, Gearbox or 2k Games, please bless us with a Toby collectible plush toy and/or a figurine/statue.

Also, penguin fans, I'm taking this opportunity to remind you that the TAGAP Day, July 31st, is next weekend. Stay tuned for new TAGAP 3 character reveal, wallpapers and other goodies!

Added: 2017-07-26