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Remember Poorly Pedro? No, not our Pedro, but the Get Well Friends plushie who got a bump on his head? Well, as I just recently discovered, Pedro has a full back story released as a children's book called Pedro Has a Bump! written by Kes Gray and illustrated by Mary McQuillan – the duo behind the plush version. The book is a fantastically illustrated feel-good tale teaching to 'look before you jump' and comes complete with several sheets of stickers featuring Pedro, Nurse Nibbles and other Get Well Friends characters.

These two, this book and the plush toy, are clearly meant to be a combo package; The book tells the story of how Pedro gets hurt and ends up in the hospital. When Pedro gets released from the care of Nurse Nibbles, his story continues with the plush version – now Pedro is under your care, with prescriptions and everything.

So, if you are looking for a fun gift combo for either a child or a penguin fan, combination of this book and the plush-Pedro is pretty perfect.

Added: 2016-07-12