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Here is a new kind of Weekly Penguin entry. While we have featured quite a slew of video game penguins in the past, we're introducing this amazing fellow in a new kind of way.

Battleborn is the latest game from Gearbox Software – who are likely these days best known for Borderlands series. The game is set in the farthest future, when the entire universe is dying. In fact the cataclysm has reached a point where there is just one star left in the sky, Solus. Since Solus has the last habitable star system in the universe, every race across the universe seeks refuge among its many planets... and soon they form factions trying to defeat the darkness-inducing Varelsi and their allied Jennerit Imperium cohorts.

What this basically amounts to is an excuse to have an action game with crazy-inventive and original cast of characters fighting each other on exotic planets.

Toby's Berg

And one of these characters you can choose from is Toby, aka 'Toby the Destroyer'. He is a penguin who wasn't allowed to join the Peacekeepers on account of 'being too cute'. He then took his crazy engineering skills and joined the fight under the Rogue faction's banner. But don't let that adorable look fool you, because Toby drives The Berg (aka The Death Machine), a mech suit armed with shields, Arc mines and a railgun.

Toby's Info Sheet

Like I mentioned earlier, for this Weekly Penguin entry I'm trying something different; Now that I have both a new PC and a games console that both support recording game footage, I have no excuse not to create a gameplay reel showcasing Toby in action. This is also an opportunity to show that yes, the game has a solo-mode, something that hasn't been demonstrated that much. And even though the game tries to persuade you not to use defenders for certain missions, Toby is on the 'shared 1st place' on my list of 'easiest characters to solo with' (together with Thorn).

The footage was recorded from the PS4 version with PS4 Share and the segment is from the story campaign mission "The Renegade", played solo. Don't worry, it's an edited gameplay reel and not a spoiler-filled full 'Let's Play'. I hate spoilers as much as the next geek, after all.

Feel free to comment on the video or on Twitter whether you wish to see more 'Let's Play' styled entries for future penguin-themed games – whenever they arrive. I'm not pro at anything besides of TAGAP and possibly DOOM, but I'm always happy to work on penguin montages!

This has been quite a lengthy entry to Weekly Penguin series, but that's what you get for trying to explain a bonkers game like Battleborn. As a closing comment I can say that yes, I can recommend Battleborn if you're into first person shooters or even MOBAs. And if you are playing stuff solo, case of Battleborn is a bit like Diablo's; It's good stuff, but you just know this is designed for co-op fun.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, go pick up Battleborn and unlock the most awesome game character outside of TAGAP!

Toby's Computer

Added: 2016-05-31