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Correction to the credits – Sorry, Anastacia, for me mixing up my penguin donors! There are so many homeless penguins find their refuge here that I actually should start keeping records ☺

So, yep, time for more Happy Feet merchandise. This one here is Mumble comfort blanket – and yes, apparently branded comfort blankets are a thing. This penguin was sent to me from Ukraine by Anastacia Rusinova – a huge thank you for the penguin! Neither me or Anastacia knows exactly where this fellow comes from. As you can see from the photo, the wash tag has been, well, washed away, so I can't even tell which Happy Feet movie this is based on.

However, I can make a very educated guess; This looks like it's from the same like of toys as the old 'beanie with her egg' version of Gloria, which actually came bundled with a special edition package of OMO washing agent. And that was very much part of the marketing campaign for the first film.

By the way, we originally intended to turn this fellow into a wallpaper, but it really didn't work that well. Every attempt made it look like some sort of roadkill and that was just beyond depressing.

Added: 2016-04-12