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More Lego Cobblepot, this time in form of Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite. The movie takes place in the plastic brick versions of Gotham and Metropolis, where Lex Luthor and the Joker team up, forcing Batman and Robin joing forces with Superman – and eventually the rest of the Justice League. And of course, plastic Cobblepot is on the scene as well!

Lego villains

You know, I was really sceptical about these Lego Batman straight-to-DVD films at first; I thought there was no way these would hold up to Traveller's Tales games and their humour! That was until I face-palmed and realized that these are actually made by Traveller's Tales themselves. In other words, they are exactly like the games. And in the case of this first one I mean that very literally.

See, this movie IS Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Imagine you take all the pre-rendered cut-scenes of that game, replace the in-game sections and gameplay with equally-well-animated action scenes, cut the whole thing into an hour film and you have Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Horoes Unite.

There are pros and cons to this; This allows you to experience the wonderful humour of TT Games Lego Gotham even if you are not into gaming, but for gamers it can feel like a massive dose of spoilers. Whatever the case, the rest of the Lego Batman DVD movies seem to be original stories... and I'll definitely take a look at those in the near future!

Can I recommend it? If you haven't played Lego Batman 2, then it's absolutely a must! If you have completed the game, though, watching this first movie isn't necessary... but it's still darn fun ride condensed into 60 minutes.

Oh on the final note, these straight-to-DVD films from TT Animations should not be confused with the upcoming Lego Batman theatrical feature. That one is from the Lego Movie team and their Will Arnett Batman. And yes, they are two different characters, as Lego Dimensions teaches us. I'm not pointing this out to belittle either one, on the very contrary; I love them both and the theatrical feature is seriously one of my most anticipated films right now.

Added: 2016-02-09