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This is a photography book My Favourite Animal Families, based on photography of Steve Bloom, written by David Henry Wilson and originally published by Thames & Hudson. This version here is the Finnish edition of the book, "Suloisimmat eläinperheet", translated by Elina Lustig and published by Karisto.

The book is pretty much what it says in the headline; Descriptions of family lives of animals with amazing nature photography from Steve Bloom. And a surprise to no-one, the section covering all kinds of penguins is the book's highlight, especially the adorably awkward Adelie penguin chick with its parents!

If I would have to find a negative point about the book, it's the fact that not all the animals featured are actually shown as families or younglings. For example, you'd think that from all the animals on display, the chapter on seals would feature some super-cute seal pups, but no such luck. That said, all the photography is featured is absolutely amazing – seal-pups or no – and the text works as an excellent critter primer for kids.

Added: 2016-01-26