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It's December with only a handful of days to the Holidays, which means it's time to start featuring some of this year's Holiday Greetings. Fear not, though; I'll try to space these out so we get to feature other fun penguin things as well. To start with, we have this heart-meltingly adorable duo mixing two things I'm a fan of; cute penguins and improbably long scarves. Wishing you "Warm Christmas Greetings", this card comes from Korttituote.

As I mentioned in the last blog update, due to an illness in the close family, these past months I've spent quite a lot of time travelling to several hospitals. It was in a canteen of one of these hospitals that I discovered this card – as part of a set of four! And indeed, cards like these are perfect for cheering up those visiting said places.

Added: 2014-12-02