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Weekly Penguin 378

Here's a fun re-discovery I made last weekend. Because the Doctor Who audio dramas from Big Finish are slowly taking over my CD shelves, I had to make some space by relocating the soundtracks I don't listen that often. Thus I decided to clear my old desk drawers for that purpose and while I was at it, I found these two bookmarks.

These come from the time I used to read heck-of-a-lot, but after TAGAP completely took over my life, they ended up in the said drawer. Depicting both a King Penguin and a Gentoo Penguin, these may look like wood, but are actually plastic. Like many other penguin trinkets, these too originate from the now-defunct Tiimari stores, though I have no recollection of when I bought them. It must've been quite a while back as the other one still has its price tag, which is in Finnish marks – and Finland has been using Euros since 2002.

Added: 2014-11-11