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Meet Tux from Silicon Valley, a cousin of the more-famous Tux from Finland. Well, more truthfully this Tux, too, comes from Finland – from Helsingin Nallepaja, to be exact. Nallepaja, roughly translating to 'teddy bear workshop', is exactly how it sounds; a shop where you can order and customize different kinds of teddies – from classic teddies to, indeed, penguins.

As for the Silicon Valley part, it comes from his product description. It says; "I am Tux the Penguin from Silicon Valley, California! I love playing with computers and indeed, the familiar mascot of Linux is based on me."

Now as for the customisation, you start with various kinds of hearts – like the 'friendship' heart my Tux has – and end with all kinds of clothing options. I stuck with the classic penguin look, obviously, but there are plenty of costumes to choose from. And to top it all off, you get an official birth certificate for your teddy, complete with a mug shot!

Birth certificate

As the translation;

    Parent: Jouni

    Birthday: December 14th 2011 at Helsingin Nallepaja

    Tux, you are my best friend and my companion forever. Rain or sunshine, I'll always be with you! With love, Jouni.

My Tux is from several years ago and when I was retrieving links for this feature I noticed, to my horror, that most of Nallepaja products are marked for 'clearance' now. I for sure hope this doesn't mean Nallepaja is quitting business, because honestly, custom friendship teddies is exactly what the world needs!

Also available as Wallpaper!

Added: 2015-07-22