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As random as this one may seem at first, this is something I've been meaning to get out of the way almost since the Weekly Penguin kicked off, and this pretty awesome art card collection was a perfect way to do just that! What I'm talking about is, of course, one of the best known penguin brands in the world, Penguin Books.

This collection compiles 100 book jackets from their 70 years in form of collectible art cards. We're going to feature these as a single item instead of going through all hundred. After all, the mascot that prompted the appearance in the first place has remained unchanged since 1946 redesign by Jan Tschichold (the original logo was created by Edward Young). That said, if you are into graphics, this is one really interesting trip through the history of British graphic design. In fact, I'm right now building a library for one the TAGAP 3 levels and this set has proven to be a helpful inspiration.

I have sort of love-hate relationship with Penguin Books. On the other hand I find it awesome that the most famous and respected paperback publisher in the world goes under a penguin banner. I also really like paperbacks, so Sir Allen Lane popularizing the concept in high-quality form was a great service to us all.

However, the amount of trouble the brand has caused me as a penguin collector has been quite tremendous. Seriously; Try searching for anything 'penguin' in any online retailer without being forced to wade through dozens of Penguin Books releases. It's not confined to just books either, as many shops label audio books under 'music'. Heck, they even snatched the designation 'penguin collector', for crying out loud!

But that doesn't make their contributions to the world of publishing and penguins any less great! And see, this wasn't random at all, but rather clever; This way this renown mascot gets the recognition it deserves without me flooding this feature with 70 years worth of paperbacks!

Added: 2014-06-03