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Here's something rather timely relevant; And Tango Makes Three written by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell, featuring illustrations by Henry Cole. This 2005 release is one of the most famous penguin books out there and (sadly) only in part because it's really great. The books is more-or-less based on two real life Chinstrap Penguins Roy and Silo, both male and residents of New York's Central Park Zoo. The book covers six years of their lives as they become a couple and are given an egg to raise. Spoiler alert; They do a brilliant job at being parents.

Like I mentioned, this is a great children's book. Its a feel-good tale well told and illustrated and it's not really about being gay, but about equality and acceptance. Even still, the world being what it is, the book became the centre of numerous debates on same-sex marriage and adoption. Heck, in U.S. parent groups have been trying to get the book banned from libraries! If you ever feel too happy to be part of the human race, just remember; And Tango Makes Three is considered dangerous by some people!

Anyway, at least the media attention around the book made Roy and Silo true penguin superstars, LGBT icons and the centre of debate on homosexuality in animals. And I did say featuring the book now was timely relevant; Earlier this month the latest same-sex penguin couple hatched a chick at Wingham Wildlife Park, UK. You can learn more about these Humboldt penguins Jumbs and Kermit at BBC news.

Added: 2014-05-27