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Yep, more penguin music! If you thought Penguin Cafe Orchestra was the only band out there named after penguins, you're fortunately wrong. Here's another and they are thematically so fitting for TAGAP website it almost hurts; Meet Angry Penguin Robo! They are a Japanese group performing in English, drawing their inspiration from the western 90s pop-rock while filtering it through the rich J-Rock heritage. And like the band's name and the amazing poster-worthy album cover suggest, there are hints of Japanese monster thematics sprinkled about.

Featured here is their début album "A New Kind of Monster" from 2012. Sadly, I'm not sure they are active any more – as of writing this entry Angry Penguin Robo's website and associated social media sites haven't been updated in about two years. Still, if you're in for some radio-friendly, feel-good J-Rock, their currently-only-album is still available.

By the way, did I already mention I want that album cover as a poster? I did? Well, I really do!

Added: 2014-05-06