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Weekly Penguin 347

Time to showcase some of those Seasons Greetings from the last Christmas period, before the spring comes here to stay. Seriously, there's so much penguin themed holiday season stuff that if I limit featuring them to December, some of them would never get featured. And when you have fellows like this one, that would be real crime, wouldn't it?

So, this adorably fuzzy postcard comes from the Paper Magic Group's Christmas collection . Sadly it doesn't list the artist, but it does say the sender: Great thanks to Violet Arlotta for sending this one our way! The 'other penguin' will be featured as soon as we can arrange another photo shoot.

Speaking of penguin photo shoots, I'm hoping it'll happen soon enough. While I've been lucky enough to avoid most of the flu season this spring, it went through Petja's family one by one. And Petja being our resident photographer – in addition to the our musical maestro – we haven't had the change to photograph any figurines lately. But hopefully soon enough new penguin plushies will invade this space!

Added: 2014-04-08