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Weekly Penguin 345

Here's another brilliant recent discovery, Lost and Found (or, in its Finnish form, "Löytöpingviini"). The story follows a little boy who one day finds a surprise at his doorstep; A penguin! Determined to help the little waddler, the boy decides to get it home by any means necessary.

This 30 minute short film from 2008 is based on a children's picture book of the same name by Olive Jeffers. The film version, adapted by Philip Hunt and produced by Sue Goffe for Studio AKA and e1 Entertanment, won the Best Animated Film 2009 at the British Academy Children's Awards. When I picked this up from a bargain bin, I expected it to be a standard low-budged CGI babysitter, but oh boy was I wrong; This is really an impressive little film and I'm genuinely surprised this didn't cross my path until now.

While the film is great, there is one word of warning; The Finnish version is dubbed and dubbed only. While this is fine for the younger crowd – the dub job is pretty good – the older folk wishing to hear the original narration by Jim Broadbent will have to import the film from UK. Like, from Amazon UK.

Added: 2014-03-25