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More Kickstarted penguin goodness, this time is the first rewards from the project The Penguin Counters. This film will be a documentary from Getzels Gordon Productions, focusing on what is likely the best job in the world; Penguin consensus on Antarctica. First part of my chosen pledge tier are these four 'count me in' penguin coasters.

The coaster design is based on the promo image of the Kickstarter campaign, styled after that pretty-darn-famous 'Hope' poster designed by Shepard Fairey for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. But this re-design is obviously better, as you can always rally behind penguins regardless of your political leanings or nationality!

While the Kickstarter campaign closed quite some time ago, you can follow the film progress and donate funds towards it at www.penguincountersmovie.com.

Added: 2014-02-25