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Weekly Penguin 336

We started a trend here, so let's carry on; More Kickstarter-funded penguin goodness! Next up is father-and-son duo Sam and Grey Keenan's comic book series The Adventures of Super Penguin. While the comic is fiction, obviously, it has ties to real life; It is based on the comic author Sam Keenan's son Grey and his plush toy penguin Agate. In the comics, Agate is sentient and happens to have super powers, making him the Super Penguin.

Super Penguin does his best to protect the Twin Cities from those who would bring chaos and destruction. He doesn't understand the strange mystery behind his sentience. In fact, he doesn't understand much at all, except that he loves Grey and his friends, and must protect the innocent from danger.

In a nutshell you could call Super Penguin an imaginative and heartfelt throwback to the days of Silver Age of Comic Books, with focus on fun and amazing heroics.

Is it good? Very much so! If you missed the Kickstarter or pledged on level that only entitled you to the first issue, fear not; You can still subscribe to the whole series on Sam Keenan's website.

Added: 2014-01-21