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July 31st, 2016

TAGAP Day 2016 – Character reveal and an announcement!

It's that time of the year once more – TAGAP anniversary day! It's been nine years to the day since the first TAGAP was unleashed. To celebrate, we have some surprises for you. Let's start with the biggest one away – a special announcement in a video form;

But hey, that's not all, we have more! Meet a new space penguin from Pluto – The Funky Botanist!

The Funky Botanist's wallpaper
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For more on who The Funky Botanist is, do check out the new Making of TAGAP3 blog post. And finally, we can't have a penguin party without new screenshots;

TAGAP 3 Screenshot 18 TAGAP 3 Screenshot 20   TAGAP 3 Screenshot 19

Have an awesome TAGAP Day 2016!

May 10th, 2016

Pablo celebrates Doomsday with a friend!

This week's weekly penguin is something special. See, this week the grand-daddy of all action games returns to form with the brand new DOOM – and we simply couldn't be more excited! Heck, Pablo and his new buddy can barely contain themselves!

Pablo with Cacodemon

This cross-over entry to our Weekly Penguin feature also comes as a wallpaper so that you, too, can start counting seconds to Doomsday with Pablo!

Apocalyptic Penguins are ready to 'Fight Like Hell' !

April 25th, 2016

Happy World Penguin Day!

Surprise! Weekly Penguin arrives one day early, just in time to celebrate the World Penguin Day, April 25th! While one could argue that for us at Penguin DT EVERY day is the penguin day, now it's a perfect time for everyone to join in our celebration of our flightless bird friends.

And how are we celebrating the day this year? With a new penguin wallpaper, of course!

Happy Feet Two's Erik

Have a waddling World Penguin Day!

April 3rd, 2016

New TAGAP 2 mirrors courtesy of Programosy.pl

We are welcoming a new friend to our Penguin World Domination plan, Polish program distribution website Programosy.pl! They are now providing brand new official download mirrors for TAGAP 2 and have actually honoured us by making us the 'Editor's Choice' in the genre of freeware gaming. That is seriously cool.

From here at Penguin DT; Thank you Programosy! May the Penguin World Domination continue!

Read the latest blogMeet the Funky Botanist
July 31st, 2016
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TAGAP 3 Screenshot 20 TAGAP 3 Screenshot 19 TAGAP 3 Screenshot 18 TAGAP 3 Screenshot 17