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What are the system requirements?


  • Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7 [1][2]
  • 1000+ MHz processor
  • 256+ Mb RAM
  • Aprox. 350 Mb free hard disk space
  • OpenGL® compatible video card
  • Windows® compatible sound card
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • XInput gamepad for Co-op [3]
We don't know anyone with Windows 8, but it should work, too
i.e. Xbox 360™ Controller or Logitech® ChillStream™

For the first TAGAP

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7 [1]
  • 1000+ MHz processor
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 132 Mb free hard disk space
  • OpenGL® compatible video card [2]
  • Windows® compatible sound card
  • Keyboard and mouse
We don't know anyone with Windows 8, but it should work, too
Intel® Graphics requires at least TAGAP v2.0 to work

Can I distribute TAGAP or TAGAP 2?

Yes, by all means; Help us to reach global penguin domination! Internet, FTP, Torrent, floppies or whatever, just don't charge money for it. It would also be nice if you'd distribute the latest released version. And if you're putting up long-term mirror, let us know so we can add it to the list!

Can I do a review, Let's Play, article or a YouTube gameplay reel based on your games?

This get's asked a lot, to the point we actually have made it part of our official legal policy. To answer this in short:

By all means, Let's-Play TAGAP all you like. We, Penguin DT, will never go after you with a DMCA complaint. On the contrary, if you put together something cool, drop us a line and we'll share it on our site as well! Also, journalists, pundits and pro-streamers get paid for writing/casting stuff and if the subject matter is TAGAP, that's fine. More than fine; It's a paycheck for you and free advertisement for us :D

In other words all the fair use stuff is endorsed. Now, let me see those fun playthroughs!

Do I need to play through the first TAGAP to understand what's going on in TAGAP 2?

No; TAGAP 2 starts off with a story recap with voiceovers provided by izraqthedark (of "Let's Torture TAGAP" fame). If you want to experience the story of the first TAGAP without spoilers, then yes, play it first, but otherwise you can jump straight to TAGAP 2.

Why TAGAP isn't open source via GPL?

I'm pretty sure we'll release GPL source code someday, but not yet. One of the key motivators for the project was self-educational approach to game development. Doing maintenance and support is an essential part of it, so for now we're keeping it closed.

Are you trying to ride on Hollywood's penguin boom or something?

From Jouni; My 'penguin boom' has been going on for nearing 30 years and I love those waddling birds more than life itself. I just adore them, they're the supreme beings! But it's nice to notice big masses are finally realizing the same thing!

Do you hate penguins or why all the violence?

On a contrary, we adore them. But testing military stimulants with animals is sick stuff and TAGAP presents a worst-case-scenario of sorts. Besides, if someone actually tries penguin world domination, we're all up for it.

Have you ever thought you've played too much DOOM?

Not really. You can never play too much DOOM.

Those drug trips are so realistic, are you guys dope fiends?

Gotcha! We made those trips just to look and sound cool and we have no first-hand-knowledge. Unlike...

Where can I download TAGAP?

TAGAP games are freeware (no purchase, microtransactions, subscriptions or ads)

Download TAGAP 2 Download TAGAP

We also have some great extras to go along with the games;

Get TAGAP 2 soundtrack Get TAGAP soundtrack Get desktop extras