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May 3rd, 2014

100 Twitter followers means there's a thank-you screenshot!

We've reached 100 Twitter followers – and as a thank you to everyone, here's a new TAGAP 3 screenshot! This one was captured from the most recently finished level and features Pablo dodging the grenade barrage from the Longlegs robot. Also approaching from the right; Space penguin take on the floating mines.

Twitter celebration Screenshot

(this is actual gameplay footage)

Again, thank you for bearing with our 140-letter ramblings so far!

April 25th, 2014

Happy World Penguin Day!

Yes, it's the second of the two annual penguin days, The World Penguin Day!

Just in time for the occasion, The PEW Charitable trust has launched a global penguin conservation project, which aims to stop the decline in penguin species through the first worldwide effort to address threats to their populations. The goals of the project are to establish large marine reserves in Antarctic waters and to protect and maintain breeding and feeding grounds throughout the Southern Hemisphere.

For more information on the project, please head to PEW trusts' penguin project site – and remember to fill out their petition, too! Let everyone deciding on these matters know how much you love these flightless, monochromatic wonders!

And like the Penguin Awareness Day earlier this year, today, too, has a Doctor Who connection. You see, the last of the 50th anniversary celebratory goodies announced last November finally became available for purchase; Silva Screen Records' Doctor Who: The TARDIS Edition. Since this epicness marks the end of the anniversary holabaloo, I thought this, combined with the World Penguin Day, would be a perfect opportunity to roll out the rest of The Eleven Penguin Doctors solo wallpapers! They are available – together with much more penguin goodness – in our penguin downloads section.

The Eleven Penguin Doctors
February 14th, 2014

Penguin love story

It's Valentine's Day – for us Finns that's a day of friendship, while the rest of the world views it as a day of love – and one particular love story has taken over the Internet like a storm. It's the story of a ten year old female penguin Sakura who apparently has fallen for her caretaker, Tsuyoshi Notsu. After Sakura's partner Musashi passed away, Sakura's affections turned towards Notsu – and now Sakura follows him everywhere striking courting poses.

Sakura and Notsu can be spotted at Matsue Vogel Park, an aviary park in Shimane Prefecture of Japan.

You know, stalking and relentless courting is disturbing, but if the stalker was someone as awesome as Sakura, I wouldn't mind one bit!

February 9th, 2014

Depressed penguins given happy pills

Do you feel depressed about the weather? Well, you are not alone; Penguins of Scarborough's Sea Life Centre are depressed, too. While Humboldt penguins live in pretty extreme conditions, the endless downpour and winds have made the ones living in the UK Sea Life so miserable that they've actually been described happy pills.

And those thinking this is just captive birds treated badly getting bored out of their minds, it is not. In fact, in the nature penguins are known to succumb to even suicide. For example on Antarctica, sometimes a penguin just gets up and start to waddle to the centre of the continent, a place where pretty much nothing can survive. No-one really knows why this is, but one of the more popular theories points to the climate change.

In this light I'm glad to see the little fellas of Scarborough are being looked after. I can personally attest to the positive impact of antidepressants and if the penguins find them helpful, too, then all the better!

To read more about the case, check out posts on The Guardian and/or MSN.

Penguins popping pills in real life, who knew? Just don't give them Uzis.

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June 16th, 2014
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